Bathroom Plumbing & Handyman

Handymen in the Bathroom

Shower Door, toilet, faucet, grout repairs


  • Install/Repair a new shower door or new tub
  • Add new tiling to the bathroom floors
  • Clean the grout or re-grout it entirely
  • Install/repair a new toilet
  • Install new faucets or shower heads
  • Repair or finish the drywall
  • Add a new vanity and/or mirror

Pink Tubs and Pink Tiles

Pink/ Grey bathrooms

They were all the rage in the late 1960's.

These days, less so.

If your house still screams, "We like Ike",  you're going to lose the cost of a renovation when you go to sell it.  So why not enjoy the improvements now? You're going to pay for them any way.

Bathroom Handyman

Bathroom Plumbing & Handyman

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star

Newer fixtures can pay for themselves in energy savings.   As responsible citizens of the earth,  our recommendations are always made with an eye towards environmental concerns.  Not only were our handymen once children,  but they have children.

Don't let your faucets drip.  Don't allow air infiltration.

Light Touches or Total Rehabs

This sink is slightly smaller than it seems, and since the cabinet is open at the bottom, it makes the room look larger.  Rule: the smaller the room, the smaller the fixtures and furnishings should be.

As you might have suspected, size matters.

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