You name it, we can fix it!

Handyman Services in the dc metro area!

If the job is too big for your Saturday morning, yet too small for a  construction company, call us. No job too small.

You name it, we can fix it.

Handyman Services

Handyman Services in the Metro Area

If you only have two hands, try renting some of ours. Available by the hour, or by the project, these hands come with the specialized knowledge and the experience to see your project through to fruition.


Guttering and Roofing

Gutter and Roof Repair


Call us today at 571-327-1171  for service tomorrow. Our veteran handymen fix:

  •  Flashing
  • Drip Edges
  • Missing Shingles
  • Leaking Skylights
  • Ugly Roof Stains

Painting and Drywall

Painting & Drywall

If the party guests kicked a hole in the drywall  we can fix that and paint it to match the rest of the wall. Or strip old wallpaper. We will paint a closet, or a 30' tall foyer, or the whole exterior of your house.

Baby Proofing

Baby Proofing your home

As former babies themselves, our techs know the ins-and-outs of baby proofing.

  • Cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Stairs
  • Outlets
  • Windows
  • Sharp Edges and Corners
  • Fireplaces
  • Drawers
  • Pools
  • Gates

Moving In / Moving Out Services

Move-In Move-Out Services

We can help you freshen up your home. 

From full turns to light sprucing up....

If you're the tenant, get your deposit back.  If you're the landlord, get the place refreshed for your next tenant.  If you're selling it, we are here to shine it up.

Apartments, airbnb's, or single family homes, we are ready.  

Wide Screen TVs

Flat Screen TV Installation. Cheap Labor Rates

Visible Wiring  destroys the effect.  

Glebe can mount TV's as large as 8' across, with all mounts, wires, etc. totally concealed. We have no problem with surround sound, recessed lighting, or any of the other accoutrements  that might add to your enjoyment.

Call Glebe Handyman today for installation tomorrow!

Pet Doors

Pet Doors

Pet doors sized for YOUR pet can obviously facilitate ingress and egress.

If your yard is not fenced, call us.

We can install any number of different fence styles, or even invisible fences.

Fences Repaired and Installed

Fences Repaired and Installed

Fence Repair. Missing a few boards  or have a few leaning posts?  If your gate doesn't latch (or doesn't even close) call us today for an improved fence tomorrow!

Unlike Huck Finn, our techs paint fences, too!

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

We can do pressure washing of your siding.  Or your deck. Or your patio.

We can seal and/or repair your patio or deck.

Winterizing your home

Home Winterizing and Insulation

If your home is more than ten years old, the weather stripping is probably worn out and we can replace it.  We also caulk, seal storm windows, and reduce drafts.  We can save you money AND increase your comfort!

Garage Organization & Cleaning

Garage Organization

You might be able to actually drive your car into your garage when we are done.

Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Garage Doors Repaired or Replaced. 

Automatic Openers Installed.

If you're getting out of your car in the rain to open the garage, call us today.

Age in Place

Handicapped Accessible Home Improvements,

As we age,  wheel chair ramps, safety grab bars, walk-in bathtubs and  accessible fixtures  are becoming the norm. Glebe Handymen can make your home a little safer and a lot more comfortable.

-S-T-R-E-T-C-H- Your Closet

Closet Stretchers


Imelda Marcos could be happy here.

We  can  find you space where there is no space, à la William Shatner.

Custom Shelves and Bookcases

Custom Book Cases and Shelves.

 It can be difficult to find a place around your home for all of your items—and even more difficult to find aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. Contact Glebe Handyman for custom shelves or bookcases.

We can install store-bought options, or build something customized to your specifications.

Seasonal Decoration

Seasonal Decorations

Available on a seasonal basis only.  We've got the ladders.  We've got the heated socks to wear in the frigid temperatures.   You can provide the lights or we can get them for you.

We can also help with the interior decorations!  Glebe Handymen will break a sweat so you don't have to!

Furniture Assembly

Local Furniture Assembly

OK.  The dining room table and hutch arrived....  IN BOXES! "Some assembly required."
If it looks daunting, call us today and have our pros construct it tomorrow.

Picture & Mirror Hanging

Picture and Mirror Hanging

The mirror didn't look that heavy in the store and the picture on Amazon made the artwork you ordered look less...imposing. Let Glebe Handyman deal with it.

The Glebe Handyman Blog

Follow our seasonal tips and decorating ideas.  Check back often and see what is up with your favorite local handyman services.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency by Home Handyman

 Energy efficiency has never been easier, or more economic. We can insulate your attic or your walls.

Old style incandescent bulbs at the top of a 20' hallway ceiling are out of reach and inefficient. Upgrade to 20 year LEDs and save 80+% on your electric bill.


Electrcal Handyman

From three-way switches to heavy ups, we are there for you.

Electrical outlets sparking?  No GFI outlets in the bath or kitchen? 

Need a 240v dryer outlet?  

You name it, we can fix it! 

Doors and Windows

Door and Window Repair and Replacement

We can repair doors and windows, or replace them.  Locks, slides, balancers are not an issue with us.

If the patio door doesn't slide freely,  that is a problem. If the grand-kids threw a ball through the plate glass, that is a problem.  Glebe solves problems!


Handyman Plumbing

If your toilet is running, better catch it!  It can cost you hundreds of dollars a year. 

No water to the automatic ice maker?  Dripping faucets?  These are easily fixed by the Glebe Handyman pros.

If you haven't drained your hot water heater since it was new, it is overdue.

If it is leaking, call us TODAY.

DIY Coaching

Home Improvement DIY Coaching

We are available to help YOU learn the  basics of home maintenance.  Caulking, tile setting, sink replacement- these  are coachable skills. Rather than selling you a fish, our skilled and patient techs will teach you to fish and be there every step of the way!


Glebe Handyman Services in Alexandria

Handyman Services in Arlington

Painting Services in Arlington

Home Automation

Home Automation

You can control your lights, temperature, even the angle of your blinds from across the room or across the world. Monitor your security cams, entryways, doors or driveways.

The days when we had to walk ten feet (uphill both ways!) through a shag carpet to change the TV channel are long gone. 

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